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Welcome to the land of the elves !

Welcome to the Main  Front  for the online clubs  of  Elrond.

 WEll look around  please  excuse the mess   cleaning up now ! lol


Listing Site Updates

On  Feb. 7  '04  , Elrond gave the site a new look. Made a chat room for the people of middle earth. He made custom pages for the Armoury and the Valar .

Hi   well  It  has been a long time    but finaly  i have  decided to keep that site going   but the msn group has changed.

Any body that can help  with any page email me


Valar ?

 The Valar Guild ,  ! They have helped by making quite a few suggestions. All people should check out this site . Please show the respect for their site that it deserves because it is HUGE , by joining their site if you have finished READING  LOTR  . Even tough our leader Elrond has tried to become friendly with other LOTR groups most have turned him away and that is why we must never hate this group they helped in our time of need.

The Valar Guild

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Haldir  help the fellowship by leading them out of Lorien.

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